Gear Up for Your Fishing Adventure

Essential Equipment List

fly fishing


The ideal rod is an 8 wt.  This will effectively handle most conditions and have the power to cast into a stiff breeze if need be.  A 7 wt is a little light and tends to stress the fish.  An excellent first or second rod is a 9 wt.


Reels should be saltwater reels that can hold a full fly line and 200 yards of 20lb backing.  Reels with a high quality and smooth drags are essential.  We recommend that you bring an extra line, rod and reel.

Fly Lines

A weight-forward floating saltwater bone line is ideal.  Trout lines get way too limp in the warm salt water and will not cast properly.  Carry at least one extra line – just in case!

Leader and Tippet

A tapered 8-9 foot leader is recommended with 10 and 12 lb tippets.


Matching the fly’s overall color to that of the bottom is important.  For a week’s fishing consider taking 3-5 dozen of the flies listed below.  Most should be #4 and #6 with some #8 for really spooky fish. Include eyeless, bead eyes and some lead eyes.  You will need flies that are un-weighted, slightly weighted and a few heavy.  We recommend that you pinch down the barbs on your flies.

Recommended colors include pink, brown (different shades), and white.  Must have flies include:  Clouser, Gotcha, Crazy Charlies, Puffs, Bunny Bones, and Shrimp.


You will see a Permit occasionally unless you are focusing on them.  Ideally a 9 or 10 wt fly rod and crab-imitation fly patters in sizes #2 to 1-0, the McCrab fly, Merkin crab, and the Raghead crab are all proven producers.


Rods should be 7-9 foot medium action spinning rods suited for 10 – 12 pound test main line.

Reels should be able to hold at least 200 yards of 10 or 12 pound test limp monofilament line.  A smooth drag is essential.

Lures and Jigs

Popular jigs include 1/8 oz bucktail Gaines Phillips Wiggle Jigs in pink and tan, Spin Charlies in pink, white, brown and white/brown.  Saltwater lead head 1/8 oz jigs attached to 2 inch or smaller soft plastic mister twister type grubs also work.  Grub colors should include: white, pink, smoke, hot pink, brown and tan.


  • Good pair of polarized sunglasses
  • Long billed hat with a dark underside
  • Lightweight rain gear
  • Waterproof bag to put your extra gear in
  • Fanny pack for gear and drinking water for wading the flats
  • Wading boots
  • Insect repellent** (Acklins has a healthy supply of very tiny sandflies.  They are more common after rainfall – ask us for further recommendations but a good repellent is necessary)
  • Sun block
  • Extra hat and sunglasses
  • Basic fishing tools and gear